The Best Place to Stay along the Wild Coast: Umngazi River Bungalows

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If you eat every night at 6, and go to bed every night at 10,  try to stick to that as much as possible.  It’s hard with conferences or events, not to mention sightseeing, but it will be helpful to your sleep patterns if you’re able to do that.  Additionally, if you always take a shower before bed, or wear silk pajamas, you should keep to those habits so your body doesn’t get even more confused. Also, getting a high quality mattress is a must! I bought mine at Rest Right Mattress.

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Dine at the Three Fragrant Restaurant

While many choose to walk, others travel along their chosen route by bicycle or horse. Each city along a route is marked with a symbol of a scalloped shell – a longtime representation of the camino. Just as all ridges in a shell converge at a single point, all pilgrims on the camino will come together at Santiago de Compostela.

Dine at the Three Fragrant Restaurant

Hlane Royal National Park

 We have arrived in “Morocco’s Blue City” aka Chefchaouen

In your recent book, The Kindness Diaries,you talk about the false connectivity we feel in our everyday worlds. How can travel help us combat this? Any useful tips to help us connect to what’s important?

Bullet trains are suitable, but there’s a lot before you ride one, you will need to understand. That is where this particular bullet train guide will be convenient. We will break down the way to book your ticket, in which to capture pricing information such trains, seating class information, and details about the train. This is the Bullet Train Guide: Shanghai Edition.

Semana Santa

After eating, drinking and blackberry picking my way through this forty eight hours I can truly say that Jacksonville was a blast. There was no shortage  of things to see or things to do in Jacksonville They have a vibrant community that should not be missed. This city is full of warm people and who have a deep appreciation for their wonderful city.  Being able to see Jacksonville through the lens of food and culture really helped me understand why some many people choose to call it home. Do yourself a favor and get here . Come for the brews and stay for the riverfront views.

Day Visit to the Ming Tombs

Check out The Roman Ruins of Portugal

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I am looking for a never ending trip! However, I do not prefer to journey short timeframes, when I go someplace I do not search for a place to unwind (such as a shore ) I need do delve deep in to the place, I need to walk around the streets, I need get the scent of every corner of this place, wanting their meals, chatting with locals etc.. Tidy, quiet, nature , small cities and historical places, particularly those with rich food culture is my favorite.